Intense Dogfighting Action

Build Your Plane from the Ground Up

Attach Unique Melee Weapons

Ram your Enemies from Behind

Fly Through Exhilarating Terrain Formations

No Download Required


Experience the different kind of online multiplayer flight combat game. Build highly customizable airplanes with the ability to change every part. Attach unusual weapons, even exciting melee weapons to ram your enemies from behind. Fly through strange terrain formations and amazing environments, offering a more interactive experience than is usual for this genre. Enjoy this exhilarating alternate history Dieselpunk world, frozen in the 1950s!


During the Cold War, a natural phenomenon was destined to change the history the world. Powerful coronal mass ejections that erupted on the Sun’s surface caused a huge electrically charged cloud to hit the earth.

This routine solar activity, though more violent than usual, occurred just days after the January 31, 1958 US satellite answer to the Soviet Sputnik 1. It destroyed earth’s telecommunications, caused blackouts, explosions, and a lot of confusion, effectively triggering a devastating nuclear attack of the major nations against each other.

What was left in the end was nothing but fragments of land, mountaintops and craters, all scattered over the face of the “new” planet. A dark, cold, radioactively polluted planet with few survivors.

Join one of the three factions in this 50s post-apocalyptic landscape where humans have adapted to post-nuclear life with elevated cities and aviation as the only form of transportation. Each faction has its own strengths, weaknesses, and agenda. Choose to be part of the Militants, the Progressives, or the Raiders and fly your way to the top!


Can't wait to get my hands on it!
- Early Reviewer -

This game has some innovative features I haven't seen anywhere else.
- Alpha Tester -

Keep an eye on this game.
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